here are some things i like.
some images are also links.
i like chronological order. πŸ‘



last updated: 2022/10/18

things you can watch:

phantom of the paradise
i'm not ususally into musicals but this rules. winslow leach is my friend.
[1988 - 1989]
γƒˆγƒƒγƒ—γ‚’γ­γ‚‰γˆ! / gunbuster
short & sweet 6 episode OVA about sacrificing time. charming mecha training montages.
crybaby learns to swim
weddell seal pup making noises. a classic.


things you can read:

moby dick; or, the whale
--- herman melville
funnier than i expected. maybe less interesting if you've never lived in new england or have no interest in the sea, but i do think its status as a classic is deserved.
the left hand of darkness
--- ursula k. le guin
truly an enormous influence on how i view the world. thank you ursula.
[2014 - present]
ダンジョン飯 / delicious in dungeon
--- 九井谅子 / ryoko kui
so charming and funny and thoughtful. have you ever wondered how to cook a fantasy creature?
--- millionfish
experimental metal gear solid fan comic. i love it. really gets at what makes mgs intersting and compelling, to me.
unusual semi-extractability as a hallmark of nuclear body-associated architectural noncoding RNAs
--- chujo et al.
really elegant paper improving both the methods and the model by which we understand arcRNAs.


things you can hear:

here come the warm jets
--- brian eno
--- sparks
silly good time music. catchy as hell.
the dreaming
--- kate bush
my favorite kate bush album. sat in your lap is perfect.
strange times
--- the chameleons
my boyfriend said this album sounds like a cross between the cure and galaxie 500. it does a little bit.
69 love songs
--- the magnetic fields
"some of them aren't very good" okay well you try writing 69 songs. it's the sex number. grow up. get real.
--- girlfriends
math-y emo-y experimental-y album that came out the year i started high school so of course i love it.
hunger for a way out
--- sweeping promises
sounds so good like are you kidding me.
[2022 - present]
choose your own adventure
--- wendy
weekly radio show from 10am-12pm EST hosted by my friend wendy. excellent music and excellent mic breaks.


things you can play:

4-lung boy
very short (and free!) so just go play it and tell me what you think. nice art, nice ost, nice emotional moments that have stuck with me for a long time.
into the breach
perfect turn-based strategy game. small squads using a variety of strategies. great pixel art. mechs! of course!
disco elysium
ultimate sad little man experience. kim kitsuragi is maybe my favorite character of all time.