LOREN: the person

i'm a molecular biologist by training and an ordinary guy by sheer force of will. i was born in an active fault zone in the mid 1990s and now i live in connecticut. my favorite color changes a lot but i keep coming back to seafoam green, even though it's not quite the color of sea foam (which is very cool). i like to take photos of bugs.

i am a huge fan of my boyfriend, ben, who is an artist. he made the painting of me featured to the left (or above, if you're viewing this on your phone). we see a lot of music together (mostly free jazz and noise), and ben often does live drawings of the musicians. i maintain another site, drawingsformusic.org, to facilitate simultaneous looking and listening. you can buy postcards and prints of ben's watercolors online, and zines if you ask one of us, probably.

myriad ways to contact me can be found here, but be warned that i may take ages to repsond.

time: UTC-04

mood: The current mood of ribose at www.imood.com

latest status:

RIBOSE: the website

this site is an exercise in documentation / creativity / sharing / ???

a personal space and digital collection.
created in late september, 2022.

ribose is a sugar molecule, most famous for its role in the backbone of RNA.

ribo.zone is a play on the word ribosome.

to see the buttons of some sites i enjoy, visit the links page.

News feed

RSS feed coming soon one day!

To-do list


  • history + philosophy of science
  • toybox
  • music??
  • move video games from media rec page to their own page?


  • make contact page responsive to window size
  • reorganize and compress images
  • make a favicon
  • clean up all instances of inline css (sorry!)
  • update homepage to link to all/most pages



  • fifteen new molecules /microscopy/index.html
  • four new notes /sticky/note.html
  • removed RSS to HTML widget (too slow) /info.html


  • new page! made a gallery for the sticky notes drawings i've given to my boyfriend over the past year and a half /sticky/note.html
  • more site buttons, more links, starting to organize a bit /links.html


  • new site buttons, new links, brand new layout! /links.html


  • added some blinkies :) /info.html


  • added a fanlisting section + a new song, some minor formatting changes /bugs/index.html


  • new page for my ffxiv character /ffxiv/fio.html


  • added a painting of me to my bio (thank you ben <3) /info.html
  • made a bug garden page for 32bit.cafe's spring event! /bugs/spring23/index.html


  • new page for the clay models i've been making lately at /clay/index.html


  • rearranged things, added stamps /info.html


  • custom domain! ribose.neocities.org is now ribo.zone :-)


  • new info hub /info.html
    • replaces about.html, changelog.html, and sources.html
    • new sections (site): sitemap and news feed
    • new widgets (about): imood and status.cafe


  • added organisms + molecules /microscopy/index.html


  • new site buttons /links.html


  • first blog post! /blog.html
    • no link on home page yet because i am shy


  • mecha page is live! /mecha/index.html


  • new site buttons /links.html


  • new organisms /microscopy/index.html


  • new page about the little guys /microscopy/index.html


  • new font everywhere! (it's the one used by TI calculators)
    • thank you int10h.org
    • this font is much wider than the last one i used, so i adjusted div widths on most pages
  • games and more music and a proper intro section in the bug zone /bugs/index.html


  • desk and contents now resize based on window width! (woooo) /home/index.html


  • sitemap/nav now viewable on all screen sizes /home/index.html


  • page navigation menu for mobile screens /home/index.html
  • made my first 88x31 site button /links.html


  • my other site, drawingsformusic, is now responsive to window size (even mobile!)


  • made a links page! /links.html


  • general housekeeping!
    • added div border styling to /style.css and removed it from inline css
    • made outgoing links open in a new tab
    • deleted defunct pages /home.html + /bugs.html


  • guestbook and mail sections added /contact.html


  • new bug page is live! /bugs/index.html


  • updated all (?) links to direct to new homepage
  • added image sources for new homepage /sources.html
  • moved changelog to its own page (hi) /changelog.html


  • brand new homepage!! way more fun than the old one /home/index.html


  • vertically centered on different size windows + screens (woooo) /index.html
  • reduced header size /home.html


  • new links and gifs /home.html
  • formatted /not_found.html


  • created /contact.html
  • created /sources.html
  • added links to above pages /home.html


  • major reformatting /recs.html
    • replaced hotlinked images!!
    • new table format
    • new section breaks
    • new background
  • changed background /index.html


  • major rework /home.html
    • added changelog (hi)
    • new table format
    • new top banner
    • added drawings for music link
    • changed background
    • changed construction warning
  • moderate rework /about.html
    • added blinkies + stamp
    • changed text from 3rd to 1st person
    • changed background
  • minor formatting /recs.html
  • slowed color change /mantisdance.html

Code + image credit

pages are handmade by me, with help from the following:

texas instruments font from INT10h.org

dithering on all images courtesy of dithermark

interactive molecule viewers are embedded on the microscopy page with 3Dmol.js

where reasonable, i include image sources below the image itself. notable expections are the homepage and various buttons and blinkies, which you can find sources to below.

**if an image is not sourced here or on the page you found it, it is my own photo! this is where i could say "please don't steal" but 1. i couldn't stop you and 2. i do not care all that much. it would be polite to credit me if you use anything i made, though.

images sources: