welcome to the bug zone!

i am increadibly fond of insects. they're small and usually pretty fast, so it's rewarding to successfully capture a photo of one. since 2017, i've been fairly consistent about chasing down bugs and sharing the results on instagram, but sticking them all in a square grid can only do so much for me (or you). here, i want to have a little more fun with my photos, and share other bug-related things that i like. there's a lot! i am not an entomologist, merely a bug fan, so this page in its current state skews more towards the entertaining than the informative, but who knows what it may turn into. right now there's an entomology textbook sitting on my coffee table, and plenty of time to read it while the bugs overwinter.

coming soon:


bugguide.net - insect identification guide for the united states and canada

waynesword.net - biology textbook written in html by a professor from southern california

inaturalist.org - citizen science! species sighting data from all over the world. i don't have an account yet, but birder and botanist friends of mine have spoken highly of it

bug music

gif garden

gifs by ben :)

comics about (or heavily featuring) bugs

bug games

honorable mentions: animal crossing, pokemon