getting words on the page

happy new year! i have a blog now.

put simply, i need to write more. my biggest challenge in 2022 was writing my first grant proposal1, and i spent the better part of the year agonizing over it. my process is incredibly slow2. the unending search for the most precise language leads me to edit and re-edit (and re-edit and re-edit..) the same sentence for ages before moving on. constant editing gets in the way of completing drafts that i can send to colleagues for review, and leaves me constantly rushing to meet deadlines3. beyond academic writing, i struggle to send regular work emails. i struggle to send messages to friends. it is not so dire that i cannot function, but i have a serious need to loosen up a little.

i'm going to treat blogging like practice in the art of writing, not neccessarily to improve my prose, but to get more comfortable with the process. maybe it'll be something like exposure therapy for having my words somewhere other people can see. you could argue that this whole site is working towards that goal, but most of the pages i've made so far are pretty sparse with regards to text. on this page, i'll try not to hide behind images and lists and express myself in full sentences4. i don't plan to stick to any particular subject matter or theme, so no guarantees about what i'll write about next.

may 2023 be the year of writing about whatever. may it be the year of rambling and letter writing and elaborating and texting and publishing and run-on sentences and blogging.

  1. the grant scored well and i really hope it gets funded! the council meeting is scheduled for later this month.
  2. i'll let you guess how long it took me to write this entry.
  3. i have often failed to meet said deadlines. not ideal, but survivable!
  4. future entries are likely to included images and lists.